Granny Clootie cooks the best clootie dumplings
The Speyside Centre
Skye of Curr
Dulnain Bridge
PH26 3PA
T: 01479 851359
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It's a traditional and versatile Scottish pudding, rich in fruit and spices, made from an original recipe.
This delightful mixture of all that's good, is lovingly married within a 'cloot' (muslin cloth) and steamed for several hours, resulting in a mouth-watering, nutritional delicacy.

Still individually handmade at The Speyside Centre, Dulnain Bridge near Aviemore in Inverness-shire, Clootie Dumplings are perfect for celebrations such as:

  • Christmas
  • Burn's Night
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Wedding Favours
  • A gift to friends or family
Our Clootie Dumplings are suitable for vegetarians and we can also supply diabetic and gluten-free vairieties, all of which can be sent anywhere in the world.
Clootie Dumpling dates back to pre-oven days when all cooking was done over an open fire. All the ingredients were mixed together, placed in a floured cloot and boiled in water in a pot for several hours. Later, when ovens and cake-making became part of every household, the tradition of making Clootie Dumpling for special occasions continued and, as some skill was required to make it successfully, it was generally the senior members of the family who took responsibility. Usually the Granny was the best Clootie Dumpling maker and was very proud to be given the task. For this reason we have adopted ’Granny Clootie’ as our logo.